Case Focus journal launch

New from The Case Centre in 2019, Case Focus offers a journal publication outlet for high-quality, peer reviewed teaching cases, with a focus on management and business situations in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.Call for casesCasesCases are welcomed on all areas of business, management and government that are set in the MEA region. Cases must have been written for teaching purposes and be accompanied by a teaching note.Cases can be based on published sources or field research. Fictional cases, or those from generalised experience, are not accepted.


Cases and their accompanying teaching notes must have been written by authors located in the MEA region. Authors must be a business or management teacher. Cases can be written by a team of two or more authors. Students and research assistants can be part of a writing team, but it must be led by a faculty member. See below for our full submission requirements:

Submissions Open on 1st May

Author Name: 
Hazel Walker
The Case Centre