Fringe Event UK Future Competitiveness in Digitally Enabled Advanced Services


What: Fringe Event 'UK Future Competitiveness in Digitally Enabled Advanced Services' as part of BAM2019 Conference

When: Monday, 2nd September 2019

Where: Aston University, Birmingham

Cost: free of charge to all BAM2019 Conference attendees  

What is the role of Digitally Enabled Advanced Services (DEAS) in helping manufacturing, transport and financial services firms expand? Find out from the experts at BAM2019 Conference Fringe Event on 2 September.  

DEAS focus on delivering outcomes to customers rather simply selling a product - for example in manufacturing it's about customers 'buying a hole' rather than a drill, in transport buying mobility rather than buying a car, and financial service buying assurance rather than buying insurance. DEAS exploit digital innovations and embrace society's increasing appetite for services, helping businesses to grow and be more productive.

Examples include Rolls-Royce selling 'power-by-the-hour' to airlines rather than just jet engines, and Alstom's Train Life Services selling 'passenger movement' rather than just trains. 

The UK is looking to become an internationally leading research and practice hub for DEAS. To support this, the EPSRC is giving £1.4 million over three years to set up a multi-disciplinary network of researchers and a programme of studies.

The speakers at the BAM session are leading researchers and senior practitioners: Professor Tim Baines, Aston Business School; David Willets, Commercial Director, UK Head of Innovations, Baxi Heating, Ross Townshend, Business Manager EMEA - Advanced Services, Ishida Europe; and Mike Hulme, Managing Director of Trains and Modernisation, Alstom.

The workshop will explore the role of DEAS and the challenges faced by businesses as they change their business models and digital technologies to use it. It will concist of presentations from the presenters with a debate to identify the key research topics. These key topics will inform the research agenda for the DEAS network.