Full-time Doctoral Representative Vacancy on BAM Council

The Full Time Doctoral Representative position on BAM Council is becoming vacant this September, and we are therefore seeking a full time doctoral student to occupy this position.

The candidate should be available to start engaging in Council activities from May 2012 onwards when the current Representative will start to hand over their responsibilities. The role will involve representing PhD student interests on the main BAM Council and actively contribute to a committee that is responsible for the doctoral symposium, conference and membership of the Academy.

The role is especially important right now at a time when the academy is focussing on growing its membership at the grass roots level. To do this, we need to focus on recruiting new PhD students who will be able to benefit from BAM membership and remain with the Academy for the duration of their academic careers.

The new Full Time Doctoral Representative will be able to claim travel expenses for all Council related meetings.

You should have some experience of the work of BAM and its symposium and conference, and be able to commit 2 academic years to the role.

If you are a full time PhD student and are interested in being more involved in the Academy through becoming the new Full Time Doctoral Doctoral Representative, please complete the nomination form by Friday 6th April 2012. Personal statements will then be circulated to the student membership who will vote for their new Full Time Doctoral Representative by May 2012.

If you require any further details or guidance, please contact BAM at bam@bam.ac.uk.

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