Green Stories Writing Competition

Green Stories writing competitions


A series of free writing competitions across various formats to solicit stories that showcase what a sustainable society might look like. Open to all, with cash prizes and winners read by BBC. Deadlines across 2020. 


Why we are doing this

Research shows that that solution-based stories, or stories that smuggle in green ideas or characters in an otherwise mainstream story are more likely to inspire greener behaviours than catastrophic tales of climate change. Thus creating a cultural body of work that presents positive visions of sustainable societies helps enable a shift towards more sustainable society.

We ask writers to check out transformative solutions on and integrate them into their story. A rom-com, for example, could be set in a sharing economy that replaces ownership with borrowing; the hero in a crime drama could use a carbon-credit card; a family drama could be set in a society where people have gardens on their roofs, use green technologies, eat insect burgers and generate energy from their own waste, and so on. We are eager to read what your imaginations can come with!

Future competitions

The next round of competitions asks for screenplays, novels, flash fiction and interactive fiction. All are free to enter with prizes and publication/production opportunities via BBC Writer’s Room, agents and production companies. See for details. We’d love to get sponsorship from organisations that share values of sustainability, creativity and positivity to sponsor prizes for competitions for 2021.

A writers workshop is being hosted by the judges on 1st/2nd Feb 2020 to generate ideas – see school/events/green-stories-writing-workshop


Prize Giving Event, Regents University, London on 27th Jan 2020 7pm - 9.30pm


Previous Short Story competition

We have just completed a very successful short story competition. The resulting anthology of short stories ‘Resurrection Trust’ with a foreword by Caroline Lucas and review by Jonathan Porritt is available.