IJMR Call for Special Issue Proposals

We would like to encourage proposals for a special issue in the International Journal of Management Reviews.

The special issue will be published in Mar 2014 and we anticipate that the call for papers will identify a specific topic or discipline, and a range of themes that might be addressed within that area. Recent examples of such special issues include ‘the frontiers of strategic management research’ edited by Kamel Mellahi and Harry Sminia (11:1) and ‘corporate social responsibility’ edited by Adam Lindgreen and Valérie Swaen (12:1). An effective special issue will include contributions that review the state of research and theory within a specific domain and set the agenda for future research.

All proposals will be reviewed by members of the editorial board and judged according to quality of the likely contributions as well as their ability to enhance IJMR’s reputation. Ideally, all proposals will focus on key topics related to management and organization studies and will include authors who are able to make a real contribution to the field of study (see, for example, the special issues above).

The deadline for proposals is 15st September 2011 and a decision will be made by 30th September 2011. Proposal should be emailed to ijmr@bam.ac.uk and be no more than two single spaced A4 Pages.


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