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International Journal of Management Reviews
Volume 21, Issue 1

Pages: 1-136

January 2019

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Issue information


Pages: 1-2 | First Published: 29 January 2019

Original Articles

Open Access

Value of Formalization for Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Contexts: A Review and Research Agenda

Mirela Xheneti, Adrian Madden, Shova Thapa Karki

Pages: 3-23 | First Published: 06 December 2017


Female Entrepreneurship and the Metanarrative of Economic Growth: A Critical Review of Underlying Assumptions

Hannah Dean, Gretchen Larsen, Jackie Ford, Muhammad Akram

Pages: 24-49 | First Published: 26 December 2017


Asian Family Firms through Corporate Governance and Institutions: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Agenda for Future Research

Trung Quang Dinh, Andrea Calabrò

Pages: 50-75 | First Published: 20 February 2018


How Does Performance Management Affect Workers? Beyond Human Resource Management and Its Critique

Dale Tweedie, David Wild, Carl Rhodes, Nonna Martinov‐Bennie

Pages: 76-96 | First Published: 01 March 2018


Concepts of Time and Temporality in the Storytelling and Sensemaking Literatures: A Review and Critique

Patrick Dawson, Christopher Sykes

Pages: 97-114 | First Published: 06 March 2018


Shared Leadership in Commercial Organizations: A Systematic Review of Definitions, Theoretical Frameworks and Organizational Outcomes

Anne Sweeney, Nicholas Clarke, Malcolm Higgs

Pages: 115-136 | First Published: 07 May 2018