IOR SIG: BAM2011 Conference track report and other news

With 12 developmental papers and 6 full papers the track had a comfortably busy schedule at Aston. Sessions were well attended, and the lively discussion in each was both penetrating and supportive especially for presentations by PhD students and Early Career Researchers.

The bonhomie of the group was further strengthened by the SIG dinner on the Tuesday evening of the conference – where did all the chocolate cake go ?!


A well attended AGM debated possible directions for developing the SIG activities, and were informed of forthcoming events (see attached notes). We would draw attention to the following:

Planned Meetings:

  • A skype discussion meeting to consider the handling of complex data sets is scheduled for 9th November. Contact Louise Knight for further details
  • A one-day workshop on 24th January 2012 to discuss the seminal articles in Inter-Organizational Relations will be chaired by Prof Steve Cropper. Venue to be announced.
  • Meetings under development:
  • A joint seminar with the Identity SIG to discuss the challenge posed by inter-organizational working for individual identity is being planned. Any volunteers for presenters please contact Colin Pilbeam or Peter McInnes.
  • A post EGOS workshop on tensions and paradoxes in managing inter-organizational activities is being planned for 7th July 2012 in Helsinki.

We are keen to encourage and support PhD students interested in Inter-Organizational Relations. Some events are being planned. Please contact Carol Jarvis.

 To download the AGM minutes please click here