Launch of The British Academy of Management Education Practice Award

The British Academy of Management are delighted to announce the launch of The British Academy of Management Education Practice Award. This award is designed to recognise individual or team initiatives that enhance management learning and education.

The British Academy of Management is the leading authority in the academic field of management in the UK, supporting and representing the community of scholars and engaging with international peers. A Management, Knowledge & Education (MKE) initiative has been established to support BAM members through its web-based portal, capacity building programme of events, small grants scheme, and this new Education Practice Award.


We welcome accounts of inspiring and impactful management education practice that are informed by reflection on context and theories of learning and pedagogical development. Most importantly, we are keen to support the sharing of that practice amongst the BAM community and create a critical mass of significant and imaginative practice.

A shortlist of applicants will be drawn up by means of an anonymous peer review process. A panel including Business and Management School Deans will evaluate the final shortlist. We see this as the first step in disseminating good practice.

The prize winner/s will receive a plaque and public conferment of the award during the BAM annual conference. Winners will be invited to disseminate their practice by hosting a capacity building event, and posting material related to the initiative on the MKE portal that is available to the network of 2,000 international BAM members. There will also be support to develop the work for publication.


  • Clear statement of aims and key features of the initiative.

  • Insightful analysis of the context in which the initiative is located. This will include a critical evaluation of the issue being addressed by the initiative, and the influence of the subtleties of the broader situation. This might include specific disciplinary traditions, local institutional ethos and practice expectations, national educational trends, and other relevant issues.

  • Comprehensive theoretical rationale for the initiative that draws on relevant literature. Practice will be linked with sophisticated reflection on theoretical conceptions of knowledge and knowing, learning or pedagogy.

  • Robust explanation of how the approach goes beyond ‘merely good’ in its impact, in ways that is either innovative (adopts a creative or imaginative approach that is distinct from that adopted elsewhere) or excellent (displays sustained impact in inspiring/enhancing learner achievement).

  • Recognition of equality and diversity.


Individual or team applicants may self-nominate. Two application short application forms should be completed and submitted online through the BAM website (see forms A and B below). One award will be made each year. The names of all those applying will be held confidential.


  • Submission - Monday 8th August
  • Shortlist of finalists drawn up - Monday 15th August
  • Candidates evaluated by Dean's Panel - week commencing 15th
  • Winner presented at BAM Conference - 6th September
  • Winner biography and description available on BAM portal - end of September

All applicants must be active members of the British Academy of Management.

Download the Applications Forms

To submit your application, please download the application forms and submit your application to by Monday 8th August.


Author Name: 
Lewis Johnson
British Academy of Management