Membership update - Members' journal access moves online with new features

From 2012, BAM will move towards online-only access to BJM and IJMR. The move will enable BAM and its publishers, Wiley Blackwell, to invest more in exclusive online resources for its journals, adding greater value to your BAM experience. It also means we will be offering a more environmentally friendly service to our members.

What this means

This means that all current BAM members will move to online-only access to the journals at the end of their current membership period. Members will continue to receive their print subscription until this time.

Please note that if members wish to retain the print subscription beyond the next membership renewal, it will be to do so by explicitly opting in at the time of membership renewal. It will be made clear in the renewal process how to do this.


This move does not affect those that have subscribed to JMS from receiving print copies of JMS.

Coming Soon

This year Wiley Blackwell will also be providing BAM members with video content, guidelines for writing review articles, and tips on reviewing papers.

How to access

To access the features below via the Wiley Online Library, please see the instructions here.

BAM Members' Online Journal Resources

There are a number of ways BAM Members can experience BJM and IJMR journal content online:

Online Access

Online access to all BJM and IJMR articles from volume 1, issue 1 onwards, through the user-friendly Wiley Online Library platform, where you can read full articles, quickly locate related content, and click through to full references.

Early View Content - Read in advance of print

Early view content from both journals is now published on the BAM Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages, as well as displaying on the frontpage of Make sure you follow us to read the latest journal papers published online in advance of print.


Special Interest Group (SIG) online e-journals

Want to find influential research published in the BAM journals relevant to your specialist area of study?

We believe that active engagement with BAM's Special Interest Groups enables you to get the most out of your BAM membership. Now, to add value to your BAM experience, BJM and IJMR have launched bespoke online issues for every SIG, giving you a comprehensive collection of articles in your field of research - click here to access the e-journals.

BJM Methodology Corner

2011 marks the launch of BJM’s Methodology Corner, in which we publish accounts of innovative methodological developments in the management field.

In Methodology Corner this Month:

A Context-sensitive Approach to Analysing Talk in Strategy Meetings
Ian Clarke, Winston Kwon, Ruth Wodak

BJM welcome articles for Methodology Corner, which present a new contribution to our understanding of methods and methodological issues in the management field.

Click here to find out more about this feature

IJMR Teaching and Learning Guides

IJMR is pleased to launch our Teaching & Learning Guide series.

Each guide accompanies an IJMR article, and features materials to support advanced teaching: helping teachers to teach, and students to learn.

Read the latest guides below:

Performance Measurement: Challenges for Tomorrow

Loyalty Programmes: Current Knowledge and Research Directions

Collaborative Innovation with Customers: a Review of the Literature and Suggestions for Future Research

Diversification and performance in developed and emerging market contexts

The Internationalization of Chinese Firms: A Critical Review and Future Research



Your BAM membership will now also include email alerts to ensure that you never miss the journals’ latest issues and citation alerts sent from the from the Wiley Online Library.

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