Message from the new BAM Chair, Dr Jacky Holloway

I am delighted to be leading BAM at such an exciting stage in our history. 2011 was a highly-successful 25th anniversary year, with the most popular annual conference and doctoral symposium to date, launch of our new website with many innovative benefits for members, continued growth in membership numbers and activity levels, and development of a fresh mission and strategy giving your Executive and Council clear priorities for the next five years. 2012 promises to be just as exciting!

Of course we will need to keep our goals and objectives under regular review in response to our members’ priorities and the rapidly-changing external environment. Policy uncertainties and pressures affecting higher education in a near-global recession, escalating competition for business and management teaching and research funds as well as more local concerns about how students in England will respond to the new fee regime, make the process of strategy implementation especially challenging! Effective partnerships and collaboration will be particularly important during this planning period, as we will report in future newsletters.

So BAM’s Executive and Council start 2012 with a sharp focus on implementing our strategy, through the voluntary efforts of members like you and supported by our excellent office team. New SIGs are being formed to provide all-year-round activity in areas that have proven consistently popular with conference participants. BAM’s contribution to the Higher Education Academy and Association of Business Schools Learning and Teaching conference, and the introduction of Professional Development Workshops at BAM2012, mark new directions for our capacity-building mission. The new website and social media will make two-way communication with our members far easier and raise BAM’s profile in the business and management community.

On your behalf I would like to thank all our Council and Executive members for contributing the time and energy to sustain and develop BAM’s activities. Many thanks also to our office team – Joe, Michael, Monika, Rupert and Veronika – without whose professionalism and enthusiasm we would have very little prospect of achieving our strategic goals and providing the enjoyable events for you to benefit from. I wish all our members a successful year ahead, and look forward to meeting many of you in 2012.

Jacky Holloway
2012 BAM Chair

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