MKE Education Practice Award 2017

BAM Announces Education Practice Award Winner at the BAM2017 Conference

The British Academy of Management are delighted to announce that the Oxford Scenarios Programme, Said Business School, the University of Oxford has been awarded the Education Practice Award at the 31st Annual BAM Conference at the University of Warwick, Coventry. The programme is a 10-year initiative lead by Professor Rafael Ramirez, and includes team members Kees van der Heijden, Angela Wilkinson, Cynthia Selin, Cho Khong, Trudi Lang, Andromachi Athanasopoulou and Yasser Bhatti.

The Oxford Scenarios Programme was established in 2004 at the Business School. The initiative has brought in over 30 live case clients from around the world, representing medium and large private and public companies from the for-profit and non-profit sectors, to share their organisations’ conundrum with over 1000 executives attending the programme. Anecdotal lessons from our experience and findings from research of the programme both suggest that the ‘impact’ of output from live case method can indeed extend to those executives, and their organizations, who are not programme participants. This impact of the initiative brings attention to the benefits of live case method and calls for a reframing of how the boundaries of teaching and learning can be extended.

The judging commended on the Oxford Scenarios Programme, “The application provided deep insights into the way in which the approach was developed with strong rationale in its use in executive education. The programmes approach to connecting varied external stakeholders as well as internal participants fosters a particularly robust approach in the co-creation of learning”

Dr Yasser Bhatti from Imperial College (centre) receiving the trophy on behalf of the team from Professor Katy Mason, Chair of the Management Knowledge & Education (MKE) (Lancaster University) committee and Dr Mark Loon (Bath Spa University)

This award is designed to recognise individual or team initiatives that enhance management learning and education.

There were also four applicants who received ‘highly commended’ certificates:

Dr Nigel Coates, Newcastle Business School – “The Business Clinic” programme. The Business Clinic is a highly innovative and crucial part of the School’s response to these challenges. It has long been acknowledged that “real experiences”: study abroad or placement can enhance all of the above but a large number of students in the UK do not take up this opportunity (often for socio-economic and other cultural reasons). All students in their final year who have not undertaken study abroad or placement will undertake the BC in place of the dissertation. The BC is unique in offering UG and PG students the opportunity to combine the rigour and research-based enquiry associated with the traditional dissertation with the application of the knowledge derived in an experiential and collaborative environment with impact beyond the university. It places the students in a situation in which they co-construct knowledge with each other, academics and their clients.

Dr Sandra Corlett (Northumbria University) accepting the highly commended certificate on behalf of Nigel Coates from Dr Mark Loon

Dr Christine Rivers, Surrey Business School – “Teaching management education inside-out – The TIO initiative’ programme”. This is initiative is aimed at helping Business Schools to address the increasing pressure to “produce” business-ready graduates. With the help of an industry partner Dr Rivers designed a “connected business project” for MBA students which was embedded alongside the conventional programme structure and interconnected to all modules. The difference between consultancy project and this initiative is that the project designed does not necessarily serve the company of the industry partner instead projects are designed to address wider issues in the workplace or of a specific industry at programme level. In addition, the industry partner is fully immersed in the project design and delivery.

Dr Christine Rivers receiving her highly commended certificate from and Dr Mark Loon

Professor Vince Russ, School of Management, University of Bath – “Leadership in Context: Transforming the Teaching of Leadership Within the MBA” programme. Leadership in Context is designed as an advanced course in leadership for Full-Time and Executive MBA students. The design uses experiential learning to critically reflect on and to examine group processes and dynamics to generate insights about leadership and organizations. This initiative invites participants to notice and to reflect on the emotions and politics of leadership in the context of everyday organizational relations and practices. The learning group provides an active and reflective environment through which to understand, challenge and to transform their thinking and practice about leaders and leadership.

Dr Annette Clancy (University College Dublin) accepting the certificate on behalf of Professor Russ Vince from Dr Mark Loon

Dr Janet Smart, Saïd Business School. – “Using Film in an undergraduate Technology and Operations Management course”. The principal issue that Dr Smart wanted to address was how to make the students aware that operations management is not a theoretical set of ideas, but is something that is going on around them all the time. The initiative involved two parts; the first was students had to watch four short YouTube films that would be discussed in the lectures, as a way of illustrating or reinforcing the message of each lecture. The second change was to ask the students to make their own short films. In the penultimate week of the course, the students visit the Automaker’s plant and were tasked to make a one-minute or three-minute film to explain any aspect of the course. The students worked individually or in small self-organised groups. They uploaded their films to a university website that only they could access.

Dr Luisa Huatuco (University of York) accepting the certificate on behalf of Dr Janet Smart from Dr Mark Loon

The British Academy of Management is the leading authority in the academic field of management in the UK, supporting and representing the community of scholars and engaging with international peers. A Management, Knowledge & Education (MKE) initiative has been established to support BAM members through its web-based portal, capacity building programme of events, small grants scheme, and this new Education Practice Award.

BAM and in particular the Management Knowledge and Education (MKE) Committee, would like to thank the following Deans who judged the awards. We are grateful for their support:

  • Professor Georgina Andrews, Bath Spa University

  • Professor Julia Balogun, University of Liverpool

  • Professor Debra Leighton, University of Bedfordshire

  • Professor Marianne Lewis, City University of London

  • Professor John Wilson, Northumbria University

Professor Katy Mason, Chair of Management, Knowledge and Education committee, expresses her thanks, “We would like to thank everyone who submitted their applications. It is great to see such a high level of innovation in management education practice and the passion demonstrated by practitioners, not just for advancing management education but also to benefit student achievement. At BAM and MKE, we aim to support management education scholars and practitioners, and encourage you to submit your applications for next year so that we can help you showcase your exemplary practices”.

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