Press coverage at the BAM annual conference 2019

Press coverage at the BAM annual conference 2019


The British Academy of Management published a series of press releases about some of the research presented at the 2019 annual conference during the event.


As a result, the research featured in more than 100 newspapers and websites, including the “i” newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, ITV news online, the Irish Independent and local newspapers, as well as in magazines such as HR Director and the Times Higher. Below are links to some of the coverage, and to the press releases:


ITV News 

Daily Mail 

The "i" newspaper 

HR Director

News roundup


Press releases

Restaurants and cafes are failing to make people with dementia feel welcome

Almost one in five of Generation Y have fallen into debt using contactless and online payments

Women business owners are less likely to quit their business than are men

Many top chefs started their careers late in life and after a chance event

Luxury goods owners are judged more materialistic and narcissistic than those with fake goods

Managers rated highly emotionally intelligent are thought more ineffective and unpopular 

Buying many smart home devices leaves people dissatisfied with technology

University Challenge appearances are a better guide to graduate earnings than official government data

Employees who are treated rudely at work get their revenge with silent treatment