REF: Journal lists to play no part in assessments, confirms Sub-Panel Chair Professor Mike Pidd

Professor Michael Pidd, Chair of the REF Business and Management sub-panel, made a presentation at the annual BAM conference updating the community on the proposed REF working methods.

In response to a question Professor Pidd made it clear that ABS’s list was one among several journal ranking lists. He went on to state that the Business and Management sub-panel, like others in Main Panel C, will not base its ratings of outputs on any journal ranking list.

The REF is based on peer review and, as stated in the REF consultation documents for Main Panel C, ‘each sub-panel will examine all, or virtually all, of the outputs submitted in its UOA in sufficient detail to make informed judgements about their quality’.

Relevant Files:

 REF general slides for panel chairs Aug 2011.PPTX
Part 2C - REF consultation slides.PPTX




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