Research Advisory and Development Committee (RADC): Call for nominations

The Research and Development Committee (RADC) is a subcommittee of BAM Council. Broadly it is responsible for implementing research and scholarship strategy approved by the Council.

For terms of reference please see /terms-reference-research-advisory-and-development-subcommittee.

RADC is entering a busy three of years and we are in the process of renewing its membership to meet the demands inevitable demands of the next three years. Three are five places available and BAM is looking for nomination (self nominations are welcomed). Nominees should either be director of research or have responsibility for management of an aspect of research (for example, PhD programmes) or have served in these capacities in the recent times. The list of nominations will be presented to BAM Council in May and Council will make the final selection.

Nominations should be submitted to Monika Narvydaite ( by 5pm Friday 28 of April.



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