SAMS Sponsors 50 BAM2012 Doctoral Symposium Bursaries

The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies has again generously sponsored 50 bursaries for full-time students to attend the BAM2012 Doctoral Symposium.

Dr Jacky Holloway, Associate Dean of the Open University Business School and BAM Executive Council Deputy Chair made the following comment to express thanks on behalf of BAM:

BAM has been involved in capacity building for the management studies community throughout our history, so we are especially pleased to again receive financial support from SAMS for the BAM2012 Doctoral Symposium. This event has an established and integrated role in developing the capacity for excellent management research, making SAMS a natural partner. SAMS also contributed to the 2010 & 2011 bursary funds, and feedback from participants demonstrates the value they place on the training workshops, networking and internationally-recognised speakers at our symposia. SAMS' generous grant has enabled us to sustain our bursaries for 50 participants, widening access at a time when funds are increasingly limited for doctoral student development."

The Doctoral Symposium bursaries and 100 free conference registrations are part of BAM and SAMS’ commitment to support the development of doctoral students in the business and management field.

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