SARB SIG: AGM Notes from BAM2011

Please find attached the minutes from the Annual General Meeting that took place at the BAM 2011 conference in Aston. My apologies for the slight delay in getting these out to you.

I would like to draw your attention to the following important points:

  • It was agreed that the name of the SIG would be changed to "Sustainable and Responsible Business". This was initially discussed at the SIG committee meeting on 15th February and the membership's attention was drawn to this in a subsequent email from me on behalf of the committee. After extensive discussion the AGM ratified this decision. The rationale is summarised in the attached minute. The committee and those members attending wished to express their thanks to Paul Caulfield for the very helpful research that underpinned the decision to revise the name.
  • Ian Harwood has done an excellent job as track chair for a number of years but now wishes to step away from the job. I would be delighted to hear from members who might like to take up this role. Ian has established a smooth running system of processing and refereeing the papers that will make life easy for his succesor.
  • If your contact details change at all please could you make the necessary changes via the BAM website.