Social Media for Academics Event

Ignite your enthusiasm for social media with easy to implement, and quick to use, tips that will enhance your research reputation.

About this Event (by College of Business and Social Sciences, Aston University)

Our panel will provide a mixture of expert knowledge, practical experience and positive stories about their use of social media. You will benefit from:

  • Expert advice on the importance of social media for your career
  • Easy to implement techniques and guidance on how to get started and how to fit it into your busy schedule
  • - Practical steps to build, and maintain engagement with, your audience

The session will focus on Twitter, Linkedin and podcasts as a few of the key ways you can tell people about your research, build your networks and form new research partnerships.

On the day, you will hear from:

  • Professor George Feiger - Professor and Executive Dean, College of Business and Social Sciences, Aston University
  • Dr Annmarie Hanlon - CEO of Evonomie (an online & offline marketing consultancy), trainer and author
  • Dr Daniel Ridge - Publisher and podcast co-host for Emerald Publishing
  • Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal - Professor of Management at Macquarie University, Editor in Chief of 'Society and Business Review' and TEDx speaker
  • Dr Alexis Paton - Expert in bioethical frameworks and the improvement of healthcare service, Chair of ethics for Royal College of Physicians and Columnist for the Independent
  • Dr Ali Bigdeli - Expert in industrial service innovation and change management and a key component of the Advanced Services Group an Aston Business School Research Centre
  • Paul Jones - Senior Research Manager, College of Business and Social Sciences, Aston University and photographer / digital artist

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