Strategy as practice meets Entrepreneurship as Practice – mutual gains or competition? Event Report

42 academic colleagues came from far and beyond Coventry, including Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain and France. PhD students sat next to Professors listening carefullly to the insights one of the leading strategy-as-practice academics Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, Cass Business School, shared on key assumptions. Her keynote lecture was followed by Dr. Orla Byrne’s overview of important assumptions shared amongst the community of entrepreneurship as practice academics. She introduced the scholarship, learning and key references for EAP, a community founded by Professor William Gartner, which can be found on Two very well received applied research examples of strategy-as-practice by Dr. Carola Wolf and entrepreneurship-as-practice by Dr. Inge Hill, Coventry University, were followed by a panel discussion chaired by Professor Maureen Meadows, Coventry University, where participants asked questions about the realisation of those assumptions in primary research. Two intriguing and most insightful presentations by leading editors in chief of RABS ranked journals provided suggestions on how to get published: Professor Paul Jones, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research,  discussed typical mistakes leading to rejection of manuscripts not only in his journal, including not making the effort to meet the requirements of referencing and writing the abstract in the journal style; he explained in detail how to frame research findings for publishing qualitative research. Dr. Dermot Breslin, Co-editor-in-Chief of the British Academy of Management Journal International Journal of Management reviews, discussed in detail how to frame a contribution in an excellent way.


Thanks to all participants and presenters for your contributions!


Testimonials of the event are below:


Thanks for inviting me to such a well run and stimulating workshop. 

Thanks again for a great day, well done on organising the event.


Excellent lessons on using #practicetheory in empirical research from strategy scholars. First time I'm attending a @bam_ac_uk event and plan to engage with the community in the future. Thank you @BAMstrategysig for organising this!


Thank you for organising the wonderful event with BAM in Coventry, It was my first participation and I have learned a lot from it, therefore I consider it very beneficial. The event was organized in an outstanding way, covered by excellent lessons and a good approach to accumulate new knowledge and understandings. 

I really enjoy it in every aspect, and I look forward to future events.


It was a really interesting and stimulating day, thanks so much for hosting!


Inge Hill, Strategy SIG Chair