Use your management research to help policymakers combat the wider impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (POST) have identified 20 COVID-19 Areas of Research Interest (ARIs) for UK Parliament. These ARIs are the result of input from the COVID-19 experts database and horizon-scanning survey they ran earlier this year, and in which a number of BAM Fellows and members participated.

POST are now inviting experts to add any current (or future) research relating to these ARIs to a repository that may be used to inform Parliament’s work in the future.

There are several ARI’s that may touch on the work of BAM our members, and on business and management research generally.  For example, there are ARI’s in Supply chains and shortages of goods and labourChanges to viability and functioning of businesses, the International economy and global trade, and Changes to availability of work, working conditions and types of employment  — to name but a few.

Contributing to a repository like this is a really great way to engage in knowledge exchange and increase the impact of your work on UK policy.

Please do contribute if you can, it is a great way to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on society!

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