We are pleased to confirm that the following panel sessions which take place during the Conference in the Cloud:

Wednesday 2nd September 

Good Work & Wellbeing In the Work Place

With mental wellbeing at work a top priority of HR professionals and occupational health, what organisations need to do strategically in this area is not a ‘good to have’ but a ‘must have’ as we re-enter the workplace after months of a lockdown and remote working. Important questions like What’s important for our wellbeing and job quality when going back to the office? What does Good Work look like now and in the future, and how will the recessional affect of health and wellbeing affect us all?

These are the main questions Dr Margarita Nyfoudi will be asking our panel of experts, Prof Sharon Clarke, Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Prof Jim Quick, before opening up the session to the audience for questions.

This live event is open to all the conference participants. We encourage you to attend, ask questions, share your insight, and learn from the discussion.


  • Prof James Jim Quick, University of Texas, USA
  • Prof Sharon Clarke, University of Manchester, UK
  • Prof Sir Cary Cooper, University of Manchester, UK


  • Dr Margarita Nyfoudi, University of Birmingham, UK


Friday 4th September 

AI and Ethics in the Workplace: The Role of HRM


  • Professor Pawan Budhwar, Aston University, UK
  • Professor Ashley Braganza, Brunel University, UK
  • Professor Julia Connell, University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Professor Ashish Malik, University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Professor Roslyn Larkin, University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Dr Shuchi Sinha, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

AI and Ethics in the Workplace: Exploring the Challenges for HRM

This PDW will focus on the extent to which the design and implementation of AI technologies are impacting on all aspects of work, the worker and the workplace. Key areas affected include the number of jobs, types and levels of skills, processes for humans and machines, to name a few. The strategic positioning of HRM in responding to these disruptive technological changes poses numerous ethical issues associated with the introduction of AI in the workplace.


Benefits for Participants: This under researched topic has implications for practice and research. Following briefings from the presenters, participants will consider: i) AI, HR and ethics ii) whether workplaces need social responsibility codes related to AI and ethics as well as iii) the skills and competencies required in workplaces of the future.   


Friday 4th September 

What Makes A Healthy Management Culture (TBC)


  • Richard Heron, BP
  • Bernard Looney, BP 
  • Dr Judith Grant, MACE (TBC)
  • Prof SIr Cary Cooper, University of Manchester, UK


  • Andrew Jack, Global Education Editor, Financial Times