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21st November 2018

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14th November 2018

14th November 2018

14th November 2018

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Researcher Development Gateway

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for information on training activities and resources designed to develop your research knowledge and skills and build management research capacity in the UK. Read more about the Researcher Development Gateway here.


Activities are listed in chronological order. As this website develops you will be able to search for events by event type and career stage. Watch this space!


Calendar of Events

Want to submit a relevant event to the Researcher Development Gateway? If you are an external event provider or a BAM SIG event organiser please submit this online form, and your event will be sent for review. If successful the event will be listed within 7 days.


Datesort icon City Title Event Provider
24th November 2018
2018 International Conference of Project Management (ICPM): "Emerging Technology & Business Innovation in the Global World"

28th November 2018
3rd SME Conference November – 2018 Lahore, Pakistan

University of Management and Technology

29th November 2018
Collaboratory for developing humanitarian leadership education

Lancaster University Management School

29th November 2018 Nottingham
Gaining Research Funding: An interdisciplinary perspective

BAM and Nottingham Business School Centre of People Work and Organizational Practice

10th December 2018 Coventry
Scenario Planning and Foresight 2018: Advancing Theory and Improving Practice

Strategy SIG of BAM and Strategy SIG of the Operational Research Society

12th December 2018 Liverpool
Sharing our Struggles Seminar Series: Building an Impact Pathway

Jointly organised by BAM Research Methodology SIG and UFHRD Research Activities Committee

12th December 2018 Liverpool
Applications of Big Data and Analytics

BAM OLSCM SIG, University of Liverpool Management School, HMRC Liverpool Office

12th December 2018 Bristol
Blockchain Introductory Workshop

BAM Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management SIG

14th December 2018
BAM Entrepreneurship SIG Impact Day

BAM Entrepreneurship SIG

8th January 2019 Newcastle
BAM Identity SIG Writing Retreat

BAM Identity SIG

9th January 2019
First International Network on Trust (FINT) 2019


10th January 2019 York
Responsible Business, Business Ethics and Management History Strategy in Conversation - Can History Inform Corporate Responsibility?

BAM Management and Business History SIG

16th January 2019 Coventry
Strategy as practice meets Entrepreneurship as Practice – mutual gains or competition?

BAM Strategy SIG and Entrepreneurship SIG

21st January 2019
Making Digital and Data Create Value

BAM E-business and E-government SIG

22nd January 2019
The Case Centre Workshop - Successful Case Teaching

The Case Centre

24th January 2019
The Case Centre Workshop - Writing Effective Cases

The Case Centre

30th January 2019 London
Preparing for REF 2021: Research Directors Away Day


15th February 2019
Rethinking Corporate Governance in Unlisted Companies

BAM Corporate Governance SIG in Association with ACCA

7th March 2019
London 2019 International Conference Business Education Social Sciences Tourism and Technology

Academic Research Conference

12th March 2019
Spring School "Organized Creativity: Approaching a Phenomenon of Uncertainty"

Freie Universität Berlin

24th March 2019
8th Asian Management Research and Case Conference

Lahore University of Management Sciences and partners

25th March 2019
Academic English for Journal Publication

ACRN Oxford Academic Research Network

25th March 2019
Academic English for Journal Publications

ACRN Oxford Research Network

1st April 2019
Research Methods: Regression Analysis with Python

ACRN Oxford Research Network

8th April 2019
8th International Conference on Business and Economic Development (ICBED)

Academy of Business and Retail Management

8th April 2019
Academy of Management Learning & Education (AMLE): Paper Development & Reviewing Workshop

24th April 2019
OLKC 2019

University of Sussex Business School

27th April 2019
2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender, Work and Society

SEDC, Lahore University of Management Sciences

21st May 2019
Workshop on Research Advances in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

PSL, Université Paris Dauphine, DRM - Management & Organisation

4th June 2019 Birmingham
HR Opportunities & Challenges in SMEs: Strategic HR, Working Conditions, Employee Voice & Talent Sustainability

British Academy of Management & Birmingham City University

9th June 2019
Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC) 2019

University of Leicester and EIASM

16th June 2019
4th Women and Leadership Conference - Building Solutions, Harmony and the Greater Good

International Leadership Association

24th June 2019
University Forum for Human Resource Development Conference 2019

26th June 2019
Frugal Innovation: Contextual shift and global applicability (EURAM Track)

European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

3rd July 2019
Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Conference 2019

KES International

7th August 2019
5th 2019 Academy of Business and Emerging Markets (ABEM) Conference

7th August 2019
5th 2019 Academy of Business and Emerging Markets (ABEM) Conference

7th August 2019
5th 2019 Academy of Business and Emerging Markets (ABEM) Conference

Academy of Business and Emerging Markets (ABEM); Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED), San Jose, COSTA RICA

3rd September 2019 Birmingham
BAM2019 Conference


12th October 2019
The 5th Annual ICGS Conference: “Developing Effective and Sustainable Corporate Governance Systems”


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