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About the Researcher Development Gateway

The researcher development gateway is a growing resource. As the Gateway develops you will be able to find  information on training activities and resources designed to develop your research knowledge and skills and build management research capacity in the UK.

Here you will find information about workshops organised by a range of providers on management topics, research methods , writing skills and career development. It will offer a starting point for finding out about the expanding 'matrix of support' for management researchers at different stages in their career.

As the Gateway develops and more and more activity providers use it to publicize thier events, you will be able search for activities by provider, event type and career stage, and find out more about recommended pathways of training designed to increase research capacity in the UK.

Capacity Building

The range of events in this gateway concentrates on open-invitation capacity building activities that are explicitly designed to train and more broadly develop management researchers in their different research-linked roles.

  • Researchers - whether as doctoral students or academics.
  • Trainers of students - academics who contribute to research methods training and supervision of the next generation of researchers.
  • Developers of academics - senior academics with responsibility for appraising, mentoring and contributing to staff development activities for colleagues
  • Research leaders - senior academics who lead research projects and are responsible for developing research groups.
  • Managers - senior academics who manage research training programmes, doctoral supervision, and academic staff development.

Matrix of support

Whatever your role, the gateway offers you an overview of the matrix of support opportunities available, and assistance with making informed choices about which activities and resources to follow-up by clicking on the links to further details. It is intended as:

  • an information source for management researchers, trainers, supervisors, mentors, research leaders and managers concerned to meet their own learning needs.
  • a management tool for senior academics responsible for developing others’ capacity as researchers, research trainers, supervisors, mentors and research leaders.

 The Researcher Development Gateway is a joint initiative by the ESRC, Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM), the British Library, the Socitey for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) and the British Academy of Management.

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