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Career Pathways and Learning Support

Researchers in the management field are likely to have different learning needs at each stage of their career, depending on their research-related role and the tasks associated with it. There is an increasingly wide choice of learning support available to meet many of these needs at all stages of researchers' careers, from undertaking a doctoral thesis to managing large projects.

This micro-site aims to provide researchers with a gateway to the many forms of learning support that are available. Researchers are strongly encouraged to:

  • identify their priority present and future learning needs, in consultation with their supervisor or mentor as appropriate
  • select from the expanding ‘matrix of support’ those opportunities that are designed to meet their identified priority learning needs

Since researchers have different learning needs according to their past experience, present role and aspirations for the future, each may map out a 'researcher development pathway' of support activities to meet their present and anticipated future research-related learning needs.

Multiple forms of research training are offered by different organisations. A significant amount of Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), learned society and professional association support is explicitly focused on substantive areas of management research or on aspects of conducting research in the management field. In addition there is a diversity of generic research training in social science methods funded by the ESRC and the learned societies and professional associations for other substantive fields.

As this Researcher Development Gateway develops it will offer specific programmes of training and support for the following groups. Click on the links below to read more about the groups and training on offer:

Doctoral Researchers
Postdoctoral Fellows
Management and Business Development Fellows
Early/Mid Career Researchers
Senior Researchers

There will also be activities relevant to Directors of Research, Deans and Heads of Department.

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