27 Apr 2022

Call for Papers: The Handbook of Organizational Transformation

Call for Papers: The Handbook of Organizational Transformation.

Transforming organizations and organizations of transformation

Editors: Elke Weik, Ingo Winkler, Chris Land and Ronald Hartz

Contact information: Elke Weik, University of Southern Denmark, [email protected]

Our main question revolves around the issue of what kind of organizing or organizations is required to accomplish a transformation of our economic, societal and environmental structures and culture.

The book starts from an understanding of the current situation as a situation of transformation or at least a call for such a transformation. Transformation refers to a comprehensive or second order change that encompasses not just individual actors or particular structures but paradigmatic changes of how societies operate and what they aspire to. In particular, transformation changes the assumptions and truth regimes normally used to reflect upon societal change.

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