26 Mar 2024

BAM is seeking a social media enthusiast to support our work promoting our journals, British Journal of Management (BJM) and International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR), to global audiences. Currently, each journal has its own account on X (formerly Twitter)(1, 2) and LinkedIn (3, 4).

We are very grateful to Professor George Frynas of the Open University Business School for all the work he has done with our authors and editors, greatly improving our journals’ reach, as our inaugural Associate Editor for Comms since October 2018 and who is now stepping down for personal reasons.

The role carries a small honorarium, works with the BAM journals Managing Editor (Emma Missen) and the Co-Editors-in-Chief, and includes the following expectations; however, the role holder is invited to develop the role further.

  1. To be in charge of posting on the journal social media sites to promote published papers and other journal news.
  2. Liking and reposting on the journal social media sites.
  3. Monitoring impressions and engagement on the journal social media sites.
  4. Monitoring and updating the journal Wikipedia pages.
  5. Working with authors of accepted manuscripts to promote their papers and develop Video Abstracts and Teaching and Learning Guides.
  6. Circulating abstracts of accepted papers, calls for papers and other journal news on different list-serves e.g. AOM.
  7. Working with the Wiley Marketing Department.

If you are interested in joining our wonderful editorial team and supporting our journals in this role, please send your application to Emma Missen on [email protected] by 9am on Monday 22 April 2024 outlining your relevant experience. Emma will also be happy to discuss the role.

1. BJM Twitter

2. IJMR Twitter

3. BJM LinkedIn

4. IJMR LinkedIn