SIG: Corporate Governance

About the SIG: 

This SIG was formed in 2008 and aims to encourage inter-disciplinary research into corporate governance from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives. Corporate governance is viewed as being about all aspects of the control of organisations, and the interests which organisations serve. Specific areas of governance include managerial remuneration and the composition of boards of directors but it is clear that corporate governance refers more widely to systems of finance, ownership and regulation. Corporate governance is of immense significance in the current economic climate, and the current malaise in the financial system owes much to governance and regulatory failures.

  • Act as a forum for the discussion of contemporary corporate governance (CG) issues, and to stimulate innovative and high quality research into corporate governance

  • Act as a focal point for generating cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional research initiatives and proposals

  • Provide a means for inputting academic expertise and advice into the policy and corporate agendas

  • Provide a focal point and 'resource centre' for doctoral students in CG

  • Contribute to the development of the corporate governance curricula at undergraduate and postgraduate levels


SIG Events 2019-2020:

SIG Committee Members: 

SIG Chair - Jia Liu

Secretary - Leslie Spiers

Treasurer - Maggie Xiaowen

Track Chairs - Jia Liu & Donald Nordberg

PhD Representative - Bchr Alatassi 

Additional Committee Member - Shukhrat Nasrov