SIG: Cultural and Creative Industries

About the SIG: 

The growing body of literature on the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) responds to the increasing importance of these industries in the economic, social, cultural and urban domains. Although the next generations will be employed in roles that do not exist yet, we are certain that creative and digital jobs will continue growing, making key contributions to the development of our society. Policymakers are engaging with academic institutions and businesses to collect evidence on the challenges and areas in which policies can support and maximise the benefits for these industries.

The heterogeneity of these industries is reflected in the interdisciplinary of this track, that brings together research belonging to different fields such as entrepreneurship, management studies, gender studies, cultural policy and social psychology. It explores the challenges faced in the cultural and creative industries to maximise the impact of research and build a research community across the arts, humanities and social sciences.

We are an inclusive space that facilitates collaboration, research innovation and funding opportunities to advance our understanding of the cultural and creative industries. We encourage submission of a range of philosophical, methodological and theoretical approaches to the track. Conference delegates will join a supportive international community of academics, policy makers and practitioners that work together providing constructive criticism and pointing at fruitful areas of further research.

  • The Cultural and Creative Industries SIG provides you with a supportive forum in which you will be able to discuss your research with experts in the field, providing useful feedback and constructive criticism to bring your research to the next level.
  • This SIG will provide you with opportunities to develop your networks by linking you to different stakeholders and consolidate your existing relations in our meetings and events, where you will be able to increase the impact your research and find new opportunities of collaboration.
  • The Cultural and Creative Industries SIG supports your research by helping you develop high quality papers and publications; and increasing the dissemination of your research project in one of the main UK management conferences and CCI community.
SIG Committee Members: 

SIG Chair: Aneesh Banerjee 

SIG Co-Chair: Marta Bernal