SIG: Entrepreneurship

About the SIG: 

The Chair’s vision for the Entrepreneurship SIG would be to build upon the existing foundations and establish effective research collaborations across academia and with industry professionals. Complementary links with other SIGs could also be explored. The SIG objectives are to provide a forum for discussion, debate and dissemination on entrepreneurship-related issues, to aid networking between members, and to encourage interaction and collaboration internally and externally, as a means of forming bridges between BAM, public policy and practice through research, networking and knowledge transfer activities. Areas of interest would include issues where entrepreneurship has economic impact or impact on society more broadly and this would include new venture creation, entrepreneurship education, innovation, survival, growth, female entrepreneurship, family business entrepreneurship, ethnic minority entrepreneurship, creative industries, entrepreneurial finance, marketing, learning and more.


SIG Events 2019-2020:



SIG Committee Members: 

SIG Chair - Professor Simon O’Leary

Track Chair - Professor Wilson Ng

Treasurer -  Dr Aqueel Wahga 

Secretary -  Dr Roopa Nagaraju