SIG: International Business and International Management

About the SIG: 

In the fast changing global economy, the need for cross-disciplinary approaches to phenomena such as the rise of multinationals from emerging economies, poses challenges that cut across the fields of international management, economics, finance, and international business.

Meeting the challenges of managing in this rapidly evolving environment, means that a Special Interest Group is needed to both identify and anticipate the new research agenda, and to muster resources to enhance our capacity to develop our academic skills and to lead the way to creating an environment in which academic research will engage with the non-academic community, in particular government and the commercial international business community.


SIG Events 2019-2020:

SIG Committee Members: 

SIG Co-Chair - Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki  

SIG Co-Chair - Haina Zhang 

Track Chair - Marianna Marra

Communications Officer - Yanghong Hu