SIG: Leadership and Leadership Development

About the SIG: 

The subject of leadership has created a plethora of publications, research and debate and has become a key issue in both the public and private sectors – a ‘hot topic’. In order to run effectively, organisations are now more than ever looking at their leadership capacity and capability, developing leadership as early as possible in the careers of managers and continuing this development through the life cycle of a career in management. This SIG, therefore, will develop alongside this uplift in activity and research with an aim of bringing together the academic and practitioner experiences and viewpoints.

There also appears to be an increased relevance in leadership and leadership development as an academic subject in university curricula and a rise in the number of doctoral students investigating leadership as a core subject. The LLD SIG therefore will act as a supporting body to those studying, researching and teaching leadership and leadership development.


SIG Events 2020:

SIG Committee Members: 

SIG Chair - Christian Harrison

SIG Vice Chair - Malcolm Higgs

Secretary - Julie Wilson

Treasurer - Kingsley Omeihe

Track Co-Chair - Paul Joseph-Richard

Track Co-Chair - Catherine Butcher