SIG: Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

About the SIG: 

This Special Interest Group is focused on all aspects of Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (OLSCM). It encapsulates Project Management, Process Management and the practical demands of designing workplaces and jobs for optimum productivity. It aims to provide a forum for contemporary research ideas and outputs, the nature of which tend strongly towards pragmatism and impact. As such it has broad relevance and interest to practitioners. It aims to be a platform for engagement between academics and practitioners in shaping the research agenda through collaboration, events and discussion.’

SIG Committee Members: 

SIG Chair - Claire Lindsay, Heriot-Watt University,

SIG Secretary - Rosanne Cole,, University of Surrey 

SIG Social Media & Event Organising Officer - Kate Mc Loughlin,, Manchester Metropolitan University

SIG Treasurer - Tammi Sinha (commence January 2020),, University of Winchester

Conference Track Chair - Kate Mc Loughlin (as above)