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SIG Chair
Dr Julie Wilson

The subject of leadership has created a plethora of publications, research and debate and has become a key issue in both the public and private sectors – a ‘hot topic’. In order to run effectively, organisations are now more than ever looking at their leadership capacity and capability, developing leadership as early as possible in the careers of managers and continuing this development through the life cycle of a career in management. This SIG, therefore, will develop alongside this uplift in activity and research with an aim of bringing together the academic and practitioner experiences and viewpoints.

There also appears to be an increased relevance in leadership and leadership development as an academic subject in university curricula and a rise in the number of doctoral students investigating leadership as a core subject. The LLD SIG therefore will act as a supporting body to those studying, researching and teaching leadership and leadership development.


The objectives of the LLD SIG are to:

  • Act as a forum to shape the debate around contemporary issues relevant to leadership and leadership development, where issues, ideas and research can be discussed and disseminated.
  • Act as a network where members can keep in touch with new leadership and leadership development initiatives and find out about evidence based best practice.
  • Develop a research agenda that is academically rigorous and practically relevant.
  • Take a critical approach to understanding leadership challenging and questioning accepted assumptions and ideas that pervade the leadership literature.
  • Develop the ‘buddy scheme’ proposed by the BAM Strategy document 2007-2009 and how this could be implemented through the LLD SIG.
  • Act as a force in bringing new thinking and theory to the study of leadership and leadership development, breaking the cycle of reconstituted ideas and thoughts.
  • Publicise new, innovative developments in leadership and leadership development research to the widest audience possible, including academics around the world, policy makers, practising leaders and managers, consultants, trainers and students (undergraduate and postgraduate).
  • Promote effective leadership development interventions and initiatives through research and publication
  • Develop further the BAM Conference Leadership Track and other leadership tracks and conferences worldwide.
  • Serve as a platform for networking in research and practice with the goal of joint publications and grant proposals by members.
  • Generate papers for publication in high-quality academic journals.Investigate the possibility of a journal relating to leadership development research and practice.


Leadership and Leadership Development SIG Virtual Issue

Virtual Issues of BAM Journals are a source of articles from the British Journal of Management and the International Journal of Management Reviews that focus on the intellectual domain of respective SIGs.

If you are preparing an article or thinking about reading lists for a particular course, the virtual issues may be a good place to start.

Leadership and Leadership Development SIG Virtual Issue

Proposed Membership

We would like to see as diverse a membership as possible for the LLD SIG. Particularly, we would like to see a membership that spreads beyond the UK and further afield, which appears possible given some international interest. However, we would like to develop this further by inviting internationally recognised experts on leadership and leadership development and practitioners of leadership to present at seminars and workshops, primarily in the UK and supported by BAM and other funding bodies.

Proposed Activities

The Special Interest Group in Leadership and Leadership Development will be output focused. Below is a summary of the activities that will constitute the role of the SIG:

  • Workshops/seminars on different/core leadership themes - this would involve organising events on leadership either stand alone or preferably attached to already organised events
  • Develop special issues in relevant journals
  • Develop and run symposia at different conferences including BAM and maybe AoM, ANZAM, EURAM, ICSL, EGOS and others
  • Develop ideas for book publication

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Leadership and Leadership Development LinkedIn Group is a fantastic place to start and/or join topical discussions related to this SIG, connect with other SIG members and keep updated on relevant events.You will also be able to post your own ideas and get feedback on them as well as reply to others


You can now connect with the BAM Leadership and Leadership Development SIG via their Facebook page. This is a great way tonetwork with other delegates, share information and ideas and keep up to date with relevant information from the SIG.


If you are interested in learning more about the British Academy of Management Leadership and Leadership Development Special Interest Group then please email Dr Julie Wilson

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