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Organisational Psychology

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About the SIG

Co-SIG Chair
Chris Carter
Co-SIG Chair
John Blenkinsopp

The primary role of the Organisational Psychology SIG is to encourage and support the formation of collaborative research networks in the domain of organisational psychology.


  • To encourage and support the formation of collaborative research networks in the domain of organisational psychology
  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge in the domain of organisational psychology
  • To provide support to organisational psychology scholars
  • To increase the voice of organisational psychology within business and management
  • To support emerging areas of organisational psychology research
  • To foster scholarly links with related psychological domains



Organisational Psychology SIG Virtual Issue

Virtual Issues of BAM Journals are a source of articles from the British Journal of Management and the International Journal of Management Reviews that focus on the intellectual domain of respective SIGs.

If you are preparing an article or thinking about reading lists for a particular course, the virtual issues may be a good place to start.

Organisational Psychology SIG Virtual Issue

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SIG Chair Interview

In March 2014, BAM interviewed Lee Martin and Joanne Lyubovnikova to find out more about the SIG, what future activities the SIG has planned and how members can get involved with the SIG.

'We hope [the five year strategy] will have a real impact on those working within organisational psychology and we’re excited by the opportunities this will bring our members. Our strategy for the next five years involves raising the profile of organisational psychology within UK universities, helping to develop early career researchers in this field and bringing together communities of researchers around special issue research topics. The five year strategy will be launched at our AGM later this year.

We’re always looking for people to help with the SIG activities. Come and meet us at the annual conference and we’ll help you get involved!' 

  Read the full interview

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