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2017 Directors Report

Performance Management

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SIG Chair
Jonathan Liu

The Performance Management SIG was established in May 2000, to provide a forum for the discussion of multi-disciplinary perspectives on performance management and the exploration of the more eclectic and thematic issues facing researchers in this area.




  1. To provide opportunities for BAM members from any discipline and at all stages in their careers, to meet and develop their knowledge of performance management.
  2. To provide a network for collaboration on research, writing and other activities in the field of performance management.
  3. To provide a forum for BAM members to share information and ideas about performance management with non-BAM members, through links with relevant organisations and groups.

Performance Management SIG Virtual Issue

Virtual Issues of BAM Journals are a source of articles from the British Journal of Management and the International Journal of Management Reviews that focus on the intellectual domain of respective SIGs.

If you are preparing an article or thinking about reading lists for a particular course, the virtual issues may be a good place to start.

Performance Management SIG Virtual Issue

Committee Members

The special interest group has been reorganised, and the organising group now consists of the following roles:


Deputy Chair



UK Doctoral Representatives

International Doctoral Representatives

Early Career/Post-Doctoral Representative

African representative

Track Chairs


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