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About the SIG

SIG Chair
Russ Glennon

The SIG welcomes colleagues studying any aspect of management and governance in the public sector although there are a number of areas of special interest within the group. These relate to the impacts of public service reform and include healthcare management, an emphasis on the extent and nature of organizational and institutional change, the improvement agenda and the effects of reform on strategy and HRM. The SIG is interested in research conducted at macro, meso and micro levels of organization, on any part of the public sector (e.g. central government, local government, health services) and also the third sector. There is also a significant theme within the wider PMG SIG which considers a multi-disciplinary focus on healthcare organization and management issues as a platform for developing understanding and practice. Anyone wishing to join the SIG should contact the SIG Chair (see below for contact details).


The reform, management and organization of public service organizations has become a major focus for management researchers in recent years as governments across the world continue to reform their public services in a bid to improve the quality of public service delivery. This SIG aims to:

  • stimulate and support debate on various aspects of management and governance in the public and non-profit services
  • facilitate the development of future research on public management and governance
  • to create greater cohesion amongst those researching public management and governance
  • to provide international scholars researching public management and governance with a clear identity and a 'home' within the BAM community
  • to demonstrate to the ESRC and other research councils that BAM has a strong reputation for public management research
  • to disseminate and engage with practitioner audiences and inform policy and practice in the area of public management

Public Management and Governance SIG Virtual Issue

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Public Management and Governance SIG Virtual Issue


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SIG Chair Interview

 In September 2016, BAM interviewed Russ Glennon to find out more about the SIG, what future activities have been planned and how to get involved with the SIG.

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