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Murray Clark


SIG Co-Chair
Sophie Mills

The special interest group was launched in September 2005. Membership of the group is free and currently open to any member of BAM who has an interest in research methodology and the practices affecting research.

Our membership reflects the wide diversity of management researchers and includes established academic staff; postdoctoral researchers; and PhD students; from old and new Universities in the UK, plus a growing number from other parts of the world. Members also come from the wide variety of sub-disciplines that combine to create the richness of the business and management fields, for example, from accounting and finance; organizational behaviour; operations management; marketing; and strategy.

The SIG also has a large and diverse steering committee that is consistent with its membership. The current steering committee is listed below.




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BAM members interested in joining the SIG’s steering committee should contact the SIG Co-Chairs.

Research Methodology SIG Virtual Issue

Virtual Issues of BAM Journals are a source of articles from the British Journal of Management and the International Journal of Management Reviews that focus on the intellectual domain of respective SIGs.

If you are preparing an article or thinking about reading lists for a particular course, the virtual issues may be a good place to start.

Research Methodology SIG Virtual Issue


Aims and Objectives

The SIG has a number of aims and objectives regarding the promotion of research methodology issues within the wider BAM community. Specifically we aim to:

  • Provide a forum where issues concerned with enhancing the quality of research can be discussed;
  • Enable members to keep in touch with the contemporary debates around the nature of management research;
  • Publicize opportunities, events and knowledge about research methodology.

SIG Communication

If anyone wants to send an e-mail to all SIG members to publicize details of events and opportunities relating to research methods, please get in touch with the secretary of the SIG, Stefanie Reissner.

If anyone wants to make an announcement or publicize materials via the website, please contact the website coordinator, Matthias Klaes.