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About the SIG


SIG Chair
Inge Hill


The SIG in Strategy was launched at the BAM2012 conference.

The SIG aims to:

  • Provide a forum for discussion on the topic of strategy within the wider BAM community
  • Enable members to keep in touch with the contemporary debates on the topic of strategy
  • Publicise opportunities, events and knowledge about strategy


The SIG aims to cover a broad spectrum of issues concerned with the development and implementation of strategy in organisations. The list below represents some of the main themes in strategic management research today; we do not limit ourselves to the themes listed, but remain open to new ideas as they emerge.

•             Competitive Strategy

•             Cooperative Strategies

•             Corporate Strategy

•             Global Strategy

•             Strategy Process

•             Knowledge and Innovation

•             Entrepreneurship and Strategy

•             Operations Strategy

•             Strategic Human Capital

•             Stakeholder Strategy

•             Non-market and Emergent Strategy

•             Strategy as Practice

•             Strategic Leadership and Governance

•             Teaching Strategy

•             Strategic Foresight

•             Strategy, Neuroscience and Cognition

Strategy SIG Virtual Issue

Virtual Issues of BAM Journals are a source of articles from the British Journal of Management and the International Journal of Management Reviews that focus on the intellectual domain of respective SIGs.

If you are preparing an article or thinking about reading lists for a particular course, the virtual issues may be a good place to start.

Strategy SIG Virtual Issue


Get Involved

This year, we are keen to strengthen our committee, maintain a great programme of exciting future events and develop the capacity of PhD and early / mid-career researchers. 
If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Inge Hill

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