Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are at the core of the BAM Community . SIGs enable you to connect, collaborate and communicate with your colleagues in a highly effective manner with leading edge thinking, research and teaching in your discipline. Each SIG has a range of activities and events that serve their membership, details of which can be found on individual SIG pages. SIGs are a particularly useful network for early career academics and doctoral students.

SIGS are run by BAM members for the academic community and are on the front-line of BAM's service delivery to members. We therefore think that active engagement with the SIGs is key to getting the most out of your BAM membership.


Special Interest Groups are essentially networks of researchers that are interested in a particular area of business and management research. They hold events throughout the year and provide you with an academic forum for the discussion on relevant topics and a valuable source of mutual support.

Collaborative links are frequently established between SIGs and other relevant academic and professional groups, and interdisciplinary and international orientations are encouraged. Thus through its SIGs BAM can foster support for emerging areas of research, and BAM members gain opportunities to cross boundaries, develop new contacts and expand research communities.

SIGs are run by BAM members, for members, with support from the BAM office. They organise workshops and events on topics and themes relevant to their research area, and take the lead in managing the academic programme at the annual BAM Conference through a variety of tracks. They also provide regular information about their activities for dissemination to the wider BAM membership via e-mail, the BAM Newsletter and the BAM web site. To view upcoming SIG events, please check individual SIG pages.

Joining SIGs

You can join up to 3 SIGs when joining or renewing your BAM membership. Members can update their choices at any time by clicking the "Update my Profile" link on the right-hand side "My BAM" menu. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact the BAM office at bam@bam.ac.uk or call 02073837770.

Get involved with your SIG

There are many ways to get involved with your SIGs. Members can sit on SIG committees, help chair / review in the conference track, help run training and networking events throughout the year, contribute to social media discussions and more. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact the SIG chair/s directly.

Starting a SIG

BAM Executive and Council are open to consideration of new SIGs, if you think you have a subject area in which BAM should have a SIG, please contact the BAM office at bam@bam.ac.uk) and we will recommend a course of action.

Where do I start if I want to facilitate/organise a SIG event?

Get in touch with the relevant BAM SIG Chair and discuss your proposal.

If given green light by the (relevant) BAM SIG Chair, what is the next step?

Send a written proposal to the BAM office - which includes the time, location, brief description and projected budget of the event- at bam@bam.ac.uk

OK. What happens next?

The Events Administrator at the BAM office will get in touch with you shortly. If all the necessary information has been provided and the proposal has been approved, you will be asked to submit the event via the standard Event Submission Form via the link: Promote your Content. If more information is needed, you will be notified.

I have submitted the event via the standard Event Submission Form. What to do next?

Once the event has been submitted, please allow 7 working days for the event's registration webpage to be created on the BAM's website. Once this has been done, the Events Administrator at the BAM Office will get in touch with you shortly with the access link.

How do I check the number of registrations?

To find out the current number of registrations contact the BAM Events Administrator.

Can I check the registrations via the website?

No. You have to contact the BAM Events Administrator.

Are there Fixed Attendance Fees for all BAM events?

No. The Fees change in accordance with the costs/income for each event.

What about the Attendance Fees for events organised jointly with another institution?

If an event in organised jointly, the Attendance Fees have to reflect the two parties’ contribution.

What qualifies as a Joint BAM SIG Event?

An event qualifies as a Joint SIG Event if the contribution towards the overall costs of the event is equally shared between the parties involved in organising the event.

Is the speakers travel booked in advanced by the BAM Office?

Only when this is requested by the facilitators. Otherwise, it is expected that the travel is booked in advance and that the cost is not exceeding an economy class fare.

Is the speakers accommodation booked in advanced by the BAM Office?

Only when this is requested by the facilitators. Otherwise, it is expected that the accommodation is booked in advance and that the cost is not exceeding a standard double room’s fare.

How many facilitators can claim reimbursement of expenses?

Only one facilitator per SIG can claim reimbursement of expenses.

Can the BAM office book the venue for the event?

Yes. The BAM office can book the venue for the event – please make sure you are discussing this with the Event Administrator at the BAM office.

Can the BAM office liaise with the catering team at the venue as regards to the requirements, and make the necessary bookings for the day?

Yes. The BAM office can liaise with the catering team and arrange all necessary requirements for the day. Please make sure you are discussing this with the Event Administrator at the BAM office.

Any Unanswered Questions? Email BAM at bam@bam.ac.uk

SIG List

Below is a list of current SIGs with a short description detailing their aims.

In order to join a particular SIG, you must be a current BAM member.

For more information on membership, the associated benefits and to join, please click here.


SIG Description Contact
Education Focused Professor Group - Cohort 2019 (non-SIG)

To be launched in due course.

SIG: Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance SIG was formed in 2008 and aims to encourage inter-disciplinary research into corporate governance from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

SIG: Cultural and Creative Industries

We are an inclusive space that facilitates collaboration, research innovation and funding opportunities to advance our understanding of the cultural and creative industries. We encourage submission of a range of philosophical, methodological and theoretical approaches to the track. Conference delegates will join a supportive international community of academics, policy makers and practitioners that work together providing constructive criticism and pointing at fruitful areas of further research.

SIG: e-Business and e-Government

The e-Business and e-Government SIG provides a forum for academics and practitioners on all aspects of applying Internet and related technologies in public and private sector organisations.

SIG: Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship SIG objectives are to provide a forum for discussion, debate and dissemination on entrepreneurship-related issues, to aid networking between members, and to encourage interaction and collaboration internally and externally, as a means of forming bridges between BAM, public policy and practice through research, networking and knowledge transfer activities.

SIG: Gender in Management

The Gender in Management SIG was formed in 2003 as a result of discussions at the Gender and Management stream at the EURAM Conference in Stockholm in May 2002. Its purpose is to act as a leading international and interdisciplinary network that supports the interests of academics, researchers and practitioners in the area of gender and diversity management, and develops their capabilities for research, teaching and knowledge exchange, and keeps them up to date on discussions and debates. The group is an inclusive forum and we welcome anyone with an interest in advancing thinking and understanding in the area of gender and diversity management as well as those interested in how their area of interest can be enriched by discussions about gender and diversity management.

SIG: Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management SIG is open to all BAM members with an interest in the management of people in organizations. It's aim is to contribute to improving both management practice and employee experience through the encouragement of rigorous conceptual and empirical research.

SIG: Identity

The Identity SIG aims to develop current debates on Identity in organisation studies.

SIG: Innovation

The Innovation SIG provides a cross-disciplinary forum for researchers interested in advancing knowledge and understanding of the nature, processes, practices, and outcomes of innovation.

SIG: Inter-Organizational Collaboration: partnerships, alliances and networks

The Inter-Organizational Collaboration SIG is a network of academics whose interests revolve around the theory and practice of the many manifestations of collaborative working – alliances, joint ventures, networks and strategic partnerships.

SIG: International Business and International Management

The International Business and International Management SIG seeks to identify and anticipate the new research agenda, muster resources to enhance our capacity to develop our academic skills and to lead the way to creating an environment in which academic research will engage with the non-academic community, in particular government and the commercial international business community.

SIG: Knowledge and Learning

The Knowledge and Learning SIG aims to create a space where early career and senior researchers, academics and their students make a significant contribution to the field of Knowledge and Learning in the UK and internationally as well as for the practice and the classroom.

SIG: Leadership and Leadership Development

The Leadership and Leadership Development SIG seeks to develop alongside this uplift in activity and research with an aim of bringing together the academic and practitioner experiences and viewpoints.

SIG: Management and Business History

The Management and Business History SIG aims to understand and preserve interest in the value of historical research for the study of business and management.

SIG: Marketing and Retail

The Marketing and Retail SIG aims to provide networking opportunities for new and existing academics in support of their endeavor to explore and articulate marketing and retail theory.

SIG: Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management SIG is focused on all aspects of Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (OLSCM).

SIG: Organisational Psychology

The Organisational Psychology SIG is primarily to encourage and support the formation of collaborative research networks in the domain of organisational psychology.

SIG: Organisational Transformation, Change and Development

The Organizational Transformation, Change and Development SIG welcomes colleagues studying any aspects of change management and organisational development. The aims of the SIG are to improve the quality of research and to expand the capacity in the field.

SIG: Performance Management

The Performance Management SIG aims to provide a forum for the discussion of multi-disciplinary perspectives on performance management and the exploration of the more eclectic and thematic issues facing researchers in this area.

SIG: Public Management and Governance

The Public Management and Governance SIG welcomes colleagues studying any aspect of management and governance in the public sector although there are a number of areas of special interest within the group.

SIG: Research Methodology

The Research Methodology SIG is aimed at BAM members with an interest in research methodology and the practices affecting research.

SIG: Strategy

The Strategy SIG aims to provide a forum for discussion on the topic of strategy and strategic management, to enable members to keep in touch with contemporary debates on the topic of strategy. We organise our own events and publicise opportunities, events and knowledge about strategy, in research and teaching. We build capacity of researchers through our workshop programme, combining new research presentations with researcher training.

Follow us on Twitter @BAMstrategysig.

SIG: Sustainable and Responsible Business

The Sustainable and Responsible Business SIG aims to act as a wide forum where issues may be debated, whether defined in terms of CSR, publicise developments in CSR, generate high quality papers for the CSR track, provide networking opportunities for those interested in issues of CSR, act as a resource base for members who wish to develop their interests and develop links with research centres, NGO’s and policymakers to make research activity relevant to all members.