Terms of Reference: Executive Committee

1. The role of the Executive Team manage the Academy Strategy and so oversee the longer term planning and strategic direction of the Academy and ensuring an effective interface between the Council and the Academy Office.

More specifically it shall be responsible for considering:

i) issues relating to the overall development and management of the Academy;

ii) new initiatives at a strategic level and making recommendations to Council on policy and other matters;

iii) issues relating to resource allocation and the annual budget;

iv) the Academy’s performance against its charitable and strategic objectives and ensuring prompt action is taken where required.

v) any other strategic issues relevant to the Academy’s overall mission
and aims.

2. The Committee shall receive regular reports on the following:

Strategic progress
The Treasurer
The Academy’s Office

3. The membership of the Executive shall be as follows:

Deputy Chair
Vice Chair
Office manager
Secretary (in attendance)

4. The Committee shall normally meet every six times a year.

5. Attendance by the following members shall constitute a quorum:

- Chair and two other members