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BAM provides independent evidence on policy issues affecting our community, and helps connect policy makers to experts in business and management

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BAM Framework

BAM Framework is designed to help our members navigate the career landscape. This includes a way of coding the various events and activities that BAM runs so that it is clear how these can help our members to develop their specialist knowledge and their management abilities that are needed to run research projects.

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Upcoming events

25 November 2021 – 16 June 2022

Development Programme for Directors of Research (DPDoR) 2021-2022

DPDoR supports Directors of Research, and those aspiring to the role, to develop their leadership and strategic capabilities to manage research performance, strategy, and funding in a rapidly changing research landscape. It is also an opportunity to build a strong research leadership network within the UK business school community. The programme is now open for bookings. 

Central London venue(s) TBC Development Programme
2 December 2021

Leadership concepts, crises, and conundrums

Leadership studies is a field that thrives on concepts. How do these concepts emerge and what kind of influence do they have on leader behaviour?

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