Mid Career

In the British Academy of Management we have recently begun to expand our portfolio of career development programmes for those academics at mid-career level.

This level represents the period after individuals have mastered the fundamentals necessary to be effective and are ready to seek a new set of challenges.  This stage typically involves efforts to consolidate career progress and maintain one’s contribution to the organisation and profession. Our Mid-Level career development activities are aimed at supporting individuals including Senior Lecturers, SIG Chairs, and those looking at achieving promotion, whether to a Professorship or a managerial role such as Director of Research.

Whether you are interested in focusing your career development on research, teaching & scholarship, or engagement, we have something for you!

Regular events include certificated development programmes for Becoming a Research Oriented Professor' and Becoming an Education-Focused Professor', our newly launched New Professors Programme as well as our flagship Development Programme for Directors of Research offered in collaboration with the Chartered Association of Business Schools, and our newly launched Development Programme for Leaders of Engagement.

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Becoming an Education-Focussed Professor Programme (EFP) 2024

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Becoming a Research-Oriented Professor Programme (ROP) 2024

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Development Programme for Leaders of Engagement (DPLoE) 2023-2024