Early Career

In the British Academy of Management, we have a long tradition of nurturing those at the beginning of their academic careers. Our Early Career portfolio of activities is aimed at Doctoral Researchers, those in Post-Doctorate positions, and Lecturers.

The portfolio offers developmental activities that help you to achieve career goals and become more productive (in teaching or research) as well supporting your development in understanding wider culture and community issues such as leading and managing and achieving personal success.

Whether you are interested in focusing your career development on research, teaching & scholarship, or engagement, we have something for you!

Regular events include our Doctoral Symposium run in association with the Annual Conference, our annual DBA Symposium for those undertaking professional doctorates, ‘Preparing your Paper for the BAM Conference’ and ‘Meet the Editors’ sessions. There are also many events run on an individual basis, centrally or by our Special Interest Groups, focusing on particular disciplinary communities. 

***We acknowledge the helpful definitions of career stages in ‘Why academics attend conferences: An extended career self-management framework.’  Sanders, K., Kraimer, M., Greco, L., Morgeson, F., Budhwar, P., Sun, J., Shipton, H. & Sang, X. (accepted).  Human Resource Management Review.