Inter-Organizational Collaboration: partnerships, alliances and networks

This Special Interest Group is a network of academics whose interests revolve around the theory and practice of the many manifestations of collaborative working – alliances, joint ventures, networks and strategic partnerships.

The group includes researchers whose work is positioned at local, national and international levels, and it embraces people who are situated in public, private and mixed sector contexts. Academics involved in this group have a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and contribute at both empirical and theoretical levels.


  • Facilitate networking amongst members and with industries, government bodies and communities
  • Facilitate growth of the subject area
  • Organise a stream at each BAM Conference
  • Arrange a series of workshops and events at different universities over a year involving members and non-members

SIG Committee Members 2023

SIG Co-Chair - Sanne Bor

SIG Co-Chair - Claudio De Mattos

Treasurer – Thierry Fausten

PhD Rep -  Justin Partridge 

Member – Qile (Horace) He

Member - Edward Thompson

Member - Swetketu Patnaik

Member -  Nikolai Kazantsev

Member / Track Chair BAM 2023 - Khaled Kesseba