Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management SIG is focused on all aspects of Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (OLSCM).

About the SIG

This Special Interest Group (OLSCM) is focused on all aspects of Operations. This includes Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Process Management and the practical demands of designing workplaces and jobs for optimum performance and sustainability. It aims to provide a forum for contemporary research ideas and outputs which respond to grand challenges and industrial need so to guide the practices of managers and future researchers. As such this SIG has broad relevance and interest to practitioners. The SIG is a platform for engagement between academics and practitioners in shaping the research agenda through discussion, collaboration and events.


  • Investigating opportunities and challenges to inform practices in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (OLSCM)
  • Encouraging and supporting innovative research which has potential to advance the field of OLSCM 
  • To theoretically and practically advance the disciplines of OLSCM across manufacturing/service/private and public settings
  • To support continuous professional development of practitioners and academics through collaborative networks and events
  • To provide a supportive developmental environmental for doctoral researchers in any of the areas within our broad discipline.

SIG Events 2019-2020

SIG Committee Members

SIG Chair - Kate Mc Loughlin, Manchester Metropolitan University

SIG Secretary and Membership Coordinator - Nicola Bateman, University of Leicester 

SIG Communications and Website Coordinator - Muhammad Mustafa Kamal, Coventry University

SIG Treasurer - Tammi Sinha, Solent University

Conference Track Chair - Anna-Maria Nitsche, University of West Saxon Zwickau

Conference Track Chair - Muhammad Mustafa Kamal (as above)