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8 March 2021

Understanding theorising in qualitative research for publication

This webinar offers insights into how the recent British Academy of Management article by these authors develop to its current published version. The focus of the presentation is on theorising and developing a theoretical framework.

He, Q., Meadows, M., Angwin, D., Gomes, E. and Child, J. (2020). Strategic alliance research in the era of digital transformation: perspective for future research. British Journal of Management 31, 589-617.

Zoom Webinar
15 March 2021

Publishing quantitative research and avoiding methods pitfalls

In this workshop, we will discuss the challenges associated with publishing quantitative research and come to understand why a significant portion of your likely success is demeaned at the outset. from this discussion, we will explore common and less-common methods pitfalls that occur in undertaking and publishing quantitative research.

Zoom Webinar
16 March – 12 October 2021

Development Programme for Directors of Research (DPDoR) 2020-2021

DPDoR supports Directors of Research, and those aspiring to the role, to develop their leadership and strategic capabilities to manage research performance, strategy, and funding in a rapidly changing research landscape. It is also an opportunity to build a strong research leadership network within the UK business school community.

Zoom Webinar
17 March 2021

Inter-Organizational Collaboration, Partnerships, Alliances and Networks: Breakfast & Coffee Session 2

This breakfast coffee is meant for the members of the Inter-Organizational Collaboration SIG to connect and discuss issues around research and teaching on IOC related topics. The second session will be focussed on supporting Early Career Researchers. 

Zoom Webinar