BAM Grant Holders

Awarded Grants - 2019

Transitions 1
  • Dr Susan Mawer, Liverpool John Moores University - Identify in modern management theory and practice, the ideas and concepts of the social scientist and management theorist, Mary Parker Follett (1868 - 1933)
  • Dr Constantine Manolchev, University of Exeter Business School - Investigating Job Quality and Everyday Working Lives of Highly-Skilled and Low-Skilled Migrant Workers in the UK
  • Dr Simon Moralee, The University of Manchester - The professionalisation of medical leadership: from where to what next?
  • Dr Stoyan Stoyanov, University of Bath - Identity Adaptation and Network Embeddedness among Migrant Entrepreneurs.  
Transitions 2
  • Dr Yan Wang, Nottingham Trent University - Board Diversity, Risk Disclosure and Performance in UK Higher Education Institutions
  • Dr Juliette Summers - School of Management, University of St Andrews - Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are an international, and controversial, model for local economic development
  • Dr Simon Smith, University of Winchester - Overtourism and Tourismphobia: Understanding and addressing paradoxical tensions in creating and maintaining Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11)
  • Dr Thomas Calvard, University of Edinburgh Business School  - Lived Experiences of Bisexual Employees’ Exclusion in UK Workplaces
Management Knowledge and Education
  • Professor Carol Jarvis, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England - Developing an entrepreneurial mindset: The impact of team learning
  • Dr Kate Black, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University - Inter-generational knowledge creation, curation and circulation
  • Dr Ian Stewart, Senior Lecturer, The University of Manchester - Beneath the surface in experiential education – evaluation of the real costs in a large-class, international, Higher Education context

Project summaries for each of the projects and details of Co-Investigators are available here:

BAM Grant Award Holder Project Abstracts 2019


Awarded Grants - 2017

Transitions 1
  • Michelle Richey - Cross-Cultural Performances Of Failure: Gathering Evidence From An International Entrepreneurial Community
  • Kieran Conroy - Training for Short Term International Assignees of Private Security Companies in Conflict Areas
  • Muthu De Silva, Zaheer Khan -The Effect of Capabilities of Service Sector Firms on Co-Creating Innovation with Supply Chain Partners
  • Miral Metawie - An Examination of Human Capital Development and Employability Strategies Aimed at Achieving Labour Market Integration of Syrian Refugees in the UK
Transitions 2 
  • Hsing-fen Lee, Marcela Miozzo - Innovation Collaboration Between Knowledge-Intensive Business Services Firms and Universities
  • Stefanie Reissner - Becoming a vet: Veterinary students’ experiences of professional identity development
  • Ainurul Rosli, Federica Rossi, Muthu De Silva, Nick Yip - Developing impact measures of university-industry collaborations using text mining: evidence from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in the UK
Management Knowledge and Education
  • Claire Collins, Jane McKenzie Transitions From Expert Practitioner To Apprentice Scholar: The Journey Through Liminality
  • Paul Ellwood, Lisa Anderson - Relational Management Education: Embedding the Practice of Scholarship Within the Everyday Practice of DBA Graduates
  • Oyegoke Teslim Bukoye, Michael Oyelere, Cathy Minett-Smith - Assessing the value of capstone unit in developing critical thinking skills in MSc students