EDI Values

BAM: we include

Developing and supporting a diverse and inclusive community of business and management scholars has always been at the heart of what we do at the British Academy of Management. The values of Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity and Respect (EDIR) are central to BAM’s current strategy and we are working to implement EDIR best practice across our portfolio of activities. In doing so, we also wish to gather, celebrate and share EDIR ‘best practice’ in other higher education and business and management fields.

To drive the embedding of EDIR values within everything we do, we created a new Vice Chair position in 2020 with the responsibility to make visible and put best EDIR practice in place right across BAM’s portfolio of work through actions including the following: 

  1. Ensuring that the core values of Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity and Respect are fully embedded and reflected in all BAM activities, including:
    • Organisation and delivery of BAM’s annual Conference as well as other events organised or supported by BAM;
    • Activities of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and the Fellows College;
    • Research and publications supported by BAM, including a range of processes associated with the work of BAM’s two journals, the British Journal of Management and the International Journal of Management Reviews
    • Processes involved in allocating grants and awards by BAM.
  2. Working with the BAM Office to oversee monitoring of Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity and Respect across all BAM activities, as above but also including website, social media and membership, and to report to the BAM Executive Committee on progress. 
    • Working across committees to advise, alert and recommend best practice actions to improve EDIR. 
    • Engaging with appropriate external parties to bring best EDI practice into BAM and the wider BAM community. 
    • Engaging with appropriate external parties to spread best EDI practice beyond the BAM community.
    • Using appropriate communication channels to articulate BAM’s ongoing commitment and effort directed at making the BAM community, the broader HE sector and all business and management settings more equal and inclusive.