Fellows of the British Academy of Management are scholars who have made an outstanding Academic contribution to Business and Management scholarship, as well as demonstrating a significant contribution to the community of scholars in the field and within BAM.


The purpose of the College is to promote the highest calibre of UK research in management and business on a global stage, progress research-led teaching and support the highest standards in all areas of management education. This involves fostering scholarly intellectual capital; raising international visibility; influencing international and national policy; building research and teaching capacity; building and maintaining alliances with cognate partners; furthering links with practice; supporting BAM activities; leading debate on issues of national, regional and international importance in management education.

The College normally stages an open session at the BAM Conference and meets twice a year, with an additional AGM during Conference.

The College is led by the Dean and the Dean’s Group, who preside over the College's academic, strategic and electoral affairs. The Dean reports on these matters to BAM Council. The Dean’s Group for 2023 is:

  • Professor Susan Vinnicombe (Cranfield University), Dean
  • Professor Fiona Wilson (University of Glasgow), Vice Dean
  • Professor Katy Mason (Lancaster University), BAM President
  • Professor Howard Thomas (Singapore Management University), Past Dean


  • Fellowships are awarded following an annual process of nomination, scrutiny and election. Calls for nominations are made each spring.
    • Nomination Form
    • Criteria and Process

      In 2022, Fellowships were awarded to: Professor Emma Bell, Professor Dermot Breslin, Professor Douglas Cumming, Professor Patricia Lewis, Professor Savvas Papagiannidis, Professor Martyna Sliwa, Professor Palie Smart and Professor Carol Woodhams. For more information on the new Fellows, please click here


This page is dedicated to the BAM Fellows who have sadly passed away. This page has been set up to remember those who have made a substantial contribution to the management field and to the British Academy of Management.

BAM Fellows Obituary Page