Current Fellows

 Fellowships are awarded to scholars who have made an outstanding Academic contribution to Business and Management scholarship, as well as demonstrating a significant contribution to the community of scholars in the field and within BAM. Fellowships are announced at the Annual BAM Conference. 

Current Fellows in Alphabetical Order

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Fran Ackermann, Curtin University   more

Veronique Ambrosini, Monash University   more

Lisa Anderson, University of Liverpool more

Neal Ashkanasy, The University of Queensland   more

Charles Baden-Fuller, City, University of London   more

Julia Balogun, University of Liverpool   more

Greg Bamber, Monash University   more

Yehuda Baruch, University of Southampton   more

Jean Bartunek, Boston College   more

Nic Beech, Middlesex University   more

John Bessant, University of Exeter   more

Jon Billsberry, University of Wollongong   more

David Buchanan, Cranfield University   more

Peter Buckley, University of Leeds   more

Pawan Budhwar, Aston University   more

John Burgoyne, Lancaster University   more

Susan Cartwright, Lancaster University   more

Catherine Cassell, University of Birmingham   more

Elizabeth Chell, Kingston University   more

John Child, University of Birmingham   more

Timothy Clark, Singapore Management University   more

Jeremy Clegg, University of Leeds   more

Simon Collinson, University of Birmingham   more

Bill Cooke, University of York more

Cary Cooper, University of Manchester   more

Nelarine Cornelius, Queen Mary, University of London   more

Sue Cox, Lancaster University   more

Rick Delbridge, Cardiff University   more

David Denyer, Cranfield University   more

Adamantios Diamantopoulos, University of Vienna   more

Thomas Durand, Cnam   more

Colin Eden, University of Strathclyde   more

Igor Filatotchev, King's College, London   more

Denis Fischbacher-Smith, University of Glasgow   more

Gordon Foxall, Cardiff University   more

Arthur Francis, University of Bradford   more

Caroline Gatrell, University of Liverpool   more

Abby Ghobadian, University of Reading   more

Keith Glaister, University of Leeds   more 

Gordon Greenley, Aston University   more

Jean Hartley, Open University   more

Gerard Hodgkinson, University of Manchester   more

Graham Hooley, Aston University   more

Chris Huxham, University of Strathclyde   more

Susan Jackson, Rutgers University   more

Gerry Johnson, Lancaster University   more

Andrew Kakabadse, Cranfield University   more

Edward Lawler, University of Southern California   more

Feng Li, Cass Business School   more

Roderick Martin   more

Katy Mason, Lancaster University more

Sharon Mavin, Newcastle University   more

Marie McHugh, University of Ulster   more

Peter McKiernan, University of Strathclyde   more

Andy Neely, University of Cambridge   more

Nigel Nicholson, London Business School   more

Nicholas O'Regan, Aston University   more

David Otley, Lancaster University   more

David Parker, Cranfield University   more

Emma Parry, Cranfield University   more

Jone Pearce, University of California, Irvine   more

Andrew Pettigrew, University of Oxford   more

Michael Pidd, Lancaster University   more

Gary Powell, University of Connecticut   more

Zoe Radnor, City, University of London   more

Ivan Robertson, Robertson Cooper Ltd   more

Denise Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University   more

John Saunders, Aston University   more

Mark NK Saunders, University of Birmingham   more

Randall Schuler, Rutgers University   more

William Starbuck, University of Oregon   more

Ken Starkey, University of Nottingham   more

John Storey, Open University   more

Howard Thomas, Singapore Management University   more

Richard Thorpe, University of Leeds   more

David Tranfield, Cranfield University   more 

Rosalie Tung, Simon Fraser University   more

Susan Vinnicombe, Cranfield University   more

Christopher Voss, London Business School   more

Robin Wensley, University of Warwick   more

Michael West, Lancaster University   more

Adrian Wilkinson, Griffith University   more

David Wilson, The Open University   more

Fiona Wilson, University of Glasgow   more

Geoffrey Wood, Western University Ontario, Canada   more

Recently Deceased

Mark Easterby-Smith more

Mike Wright  more