The webinar will set out the basic elements of a comics-based approach through the use of:
images (the ways in which core conceptual elements of the paper are established and developed which allow the reader to visualise the main points of the paper);
frames (as a means of establishing the parameters of the key elements of the paper) and
flows (the ways in which the key concepts relate to each other allowing for a clear signposting of the issues to generate moments that matter within the narrative);
and the role of the gutters - the spaces between the frames - as a means of identifying and developing emergent issues within the overall trajectory of the paper.

Following an overview of the nature of comics theory Denis Fischbacher-Smith (University of Glasgow) will demonstrate how conference abstracts and academic papers can be storyboarded using the approach. A comics-based approach allows an author to set out the key messages in a way that both draws the reader in and clearly signposts the issues that are going to be addressed. The webinar will also show how a systems-based approach can help to shape the overall delivery of the paper’s core messages.
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Provider Information

BAM Management, Knowledge and Education (MKE)


Who Should Attend?

The workshop will be of value to all colleagues that are interested in developing their understanding of using a comics-based approach for writing academic papers and conference abstracts that are based upon their educational practice, education evaluation or research.

This event particularly speaks to A1, B1, B2 and E1 as indicated by BAM Framework.


Benefits of Attendance
  • Insights into the use of comics-based approaches of storyboarding for crafting an effective conference abstract submission and/or academic papers more broadly
  • Increased understanding of what makes for effective academic conference abstracts and/or academic papers
  • Understanding of how a systems-based approach can help to shape the overall delivery of the core messages within a conference abstract and/or academic paper



Kate Black, Co-Chair BAM MKE



Prof Denis Fischbacher-Smith, Research Professor of Risk and Resilience, University of Glasgow



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